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Dont know who to call when you need a partner?

We all have all found ourselves in this predicament.  Some clubs have voluteers 'who know who to call'. Wouldn't it be nice if there were a open list of folks who were available or need for a particular game?  We are trying to create an online system that will allow our players to "self-partner".
Let us know if you are willing to make your self available for others who can't find a partner or if you need a partner. We can create searchable lists that specify and separate by day/game/masterpoint requirement.

Let us know what your think!


We are currently developing an application form for you to fill out.  In the meantime we have a special address to send an email message to:! Put Day and Date in subject line. In message put both player's Names, and indicate AM or PM.  That is all that is necessary.