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Leading the Way 

Bonita Bridge First in the Nation
As early as April we began the research and  planning that would permit our players to safely return to the table.  After a sizable investment in safety measures Bonita Bridge reopened its doors in mid-June; probably the first in the nation.

Our efforts have not gone unnoticed!  There are now over 40 clubs across the nation that have re -opened to provide the face-to-face  experience.  Numerous phone calls from far away clubs provided them with the details of our preparations.  And in the last week we were visited by a handful of people representing nearby clubs because their members are anxious for the traditional way to play the game.  Some of these clubs tell us they are anticipating opening by mid November.

Half-Price Tuesdays
Tuesdays have always been a slow day at Bonita Bridge.  So we are introducing 1/2 price Tuesdays. If you play on Monday, you get to play for $6 on the following day. If you play on Tuesday you get to play for half-price on Wednesday.

Bridge Tips


How often in the middle of playing the hand you, as declarer, found that you were in the wrong hand? So many times this can be attributed to the lack of  planning before the first card is played. Planning generally starts with counting your tricks (winner or losers or both). If you know ahead of time that you don't have enough tricks, you can review the methods for trick development before playing.  If you know you have the sure tricks needed, you can still review those methods for extra tricks.  Extra tricks lead to higher scores.   

One of the first trick development techniques we learn, the finesse, is avoided by most expert players.  It is the method of last resort for skilled players.  Do you know the other methods?

Pay in Advance is Now Available

To reduce money handling and the congestion before games, we ask that you pay in advance. In the past, many of our friends have bought those little “Free Play” cards that were used in exchange for payment at game time. We are going one step further. You will be able to buy your entries on-line, and we will give you a baker’s dozen (13) when you buy 12.  When you buy an entry online, be it one or the bargain (13 for 12) you will receive a receipt via text or email.  The cost for the baker’s dozen will be $144, a single entry will cost $12. Our popular 199er/299er special price will be extended to all games restricted to less than 300 master points. You will be able to buy entries for these special games at a rate of $96 for 13 entries or $8 each. Buy Now